“Meet an author not afraid of mixing genres, Catherine Haustein! Drawing on her background as a chemist, she infuses comedy into serious tales about female scientists.” City OwlPress site

I’m the author of Natural Attraction, a science based tale set in 1871. Follow Clementine’s adventures as she chases her dream of being a naturalist when society stands against her.

“The novel reminds me of Jane Eyre, where you’re tempted to think it’s an ordinary love story. But, instead, it takes you on a twisted ride that harkens back to the Victorian period and all its eccentricities. Remarkably funny, so much so that I laughed out loud; a relatable heroine that will strike a cord with many women; and a satisfying romance that isn’t so predictable.” (Goodreads review)

“I’m also a chemistry professor and with the help of my students have developed a lab manual that uses low hazard chemicals. Cleaner, Greener Labs provides fifteen safer, greener labs for teaching chemical analysis. Take a peek at my students performing these labs on Instagram here.

I’m a chemistry professor, a mother, a grandmother, and a dog owner. My main area of study is chemicals that are found in plants. I live in the small town of Pella, Iowa, home of great bakeries and a Tulip Festival.

I graduated from The University of Iowa.

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