Wrinkles in Spacetime (Book 3)

Lonely food developer Stella would like nothing better than to finally have a lab
partner to help her create new synthetic products and share her passion for science.
But her nation of Cochtonia has gone off the deep end. Fertility rates are dropping,
and the autocratic male rulers have decided to turn to alchemy to produce offspring.
Sir Isaac Newton has been resurrected from the dead to take a lead role in the
impossible task, ordered by the autocracy. He’s to work as a team to create a
homunculus, a tiny person, made outside of a womb. Women won’t be needed at all!
Being celibate in his previous life, Newton has never indulged in romance, but
procreation without females even sounds crazy to him. When Stella offers to help him
fake results to save his neck, he’s willing. Is Newton the real thing or is he really a
genetically modified fake? As they collaborate, Stella becomes more and more
uncertain. In proceeding with the deception, they find that chemistry isn’t limited to
the laboratory. In a world where love and romance are punishable by law, mutual
attraction could mean execution for them both.