Cleaner, Greener Labs and Tests and Keys, Gen Chem Labs

This is a self-published lab manual involving low hazard chemistry laboratories involving classical and instrumental methods of chemical analysis and testing.

Here’s a list of contents:

12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Responsible Use of Fume Hoods

Washing glassware

Chemical Safety

Categories of Chemical Reagents

Rules for Handling Reagents

Central College Vermeer Science Center Laboratory Rules

and Policies

The Laboratory Notebook

Use of the Balance

Experiment 1: Lab check in, balances and desiccators

Experiment 2a: Observations of a Candle Burning

Experiment 2b:Sampling

Experiment 3: Using a Spreadsheet, Buret, and Pipet

Experiment 4: Gravimetric Determination of Phosphorus in Plant

Food Using Household Chemicals

Experiment 5: Titration of KHP

Experiment 6: Titration of wine and vinegar

Experiment 7a: Acid-base titrations with plotting and application

Experiment 7b: Acid-base titration plots using known acids

Experiment 8:  Natural Indicators

Experiment 9: Buffer Action

Experiment 10: Examination of Personal Products as Buffers

Experiment 11: Flame Emission Spectrometric Determination of Sodium

Experiment 12: Determination of Dyes in Kool-Aid Using Visible


Experiment 13: Two Colorful Plant Molecules–Determination of

Beta-carotene Using Visible Spectroscopy/ Identification of

Betatin by Fluorescence

Experiment 14: Determination of Henna in a Hair Product Using

Visible Spectroscopy

Experiment 15: Determination of Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) by


Experiment 16: Determination of Nitrates NO3: UV screening and

ion selective electrode

Experiment 17: Gas Chromatographic determination of alcohol

in orange extract

Experiment 18: Determination of L-dopa in Mucuna pruriens

(Velvet beans) by HPLC

Experiment 19: Determination of the slope of a pH electrode (New Lab)

Experiment 20: Determination of Quinine by Fluorescence (New Lab)

Experiment 21 :Determination of Iron in Wine and Beer or Pomegranate Juice by Atomic Absorption (New lab. Uses Standard Addition)

Experiment 22: Determination of p-coumaric acid in sage using

fluorescence and standard addition (Under Development)

Experiment 23: Identification of Polymers using Infrared Spectroscopy

Experiment 24 Determination of acetaminophen by cyclic voltammetry

Experiment 25: Determination of chloride ion by ion selective electrode

Plus 4 new labs for 2020. Click here for the link.

Newly revised for 2021

E-books of other labs, tests and keys

General Chemistry Labs

Introduction to Analytical Chemistry

Titrations/Acid-base chemistry


Electrochemistry, Chromatography