First Titles


Here are the first two books from Penner Publishing, ready to be shipped as Advance Review Copies. If you are a blogger and want a review copy, contact me or them. I’ve learned a lot about writing and publishing since I got “the call” from Penner last October. This was my first novel but it came after nearly 20 years of free-lance science writing for a company so I was ready to be edited and accustomed to it. I’ve previously published short stories but those have rarely been edited. Only my first published short story, titled East to Ionesco,was ever edited before publication.

I enjoyed watching the editors shape Natural Attraction. If I have any advice about that process it is to leave your own ego out of it. My motivation for writing Natural Attraction was simply to entertain and to record in a fictional (and I hope funny) way, what it’s really like to be a female scientist.Being a female scientist has been very amusing–I highly recommend it. I’ve got a few more novels up my sleeve. Natural Attraction is mostly about biology (with some chemistry tossed in). I’d like to dive into chemistry (the only science where the % of female scientists is increasing) for my next novel and then perhaps, take requests from readers. One thing I enjoyed doing as a science writer was writing about whatever topic the company wanted and conforming to their 40 page book of instructions. Yes, perhaps I’m perverse, but I like to please. Look for another poll in the future.

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