More on sexual selection: female drivers.

Ever since Darwin brought it up in 1871, there’s been debate on WHY certain mates are chosen over others. Sometimes, it depends on parental involvement. If the female invests more, she’s the picky one. If males invest more (as in seahorses), it’s the male who is picky. Evolutionary biologist Paulina Mena says, “Biologically speaking, it’s not so clear-cut where humans stand in this spectrum. We see females adorning themselves but the fact that males don’t wear makeup doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to get females to choose them by showing something off. They just do it in a different way. Working out to have a very athletic body could be considered the equivalent….For example it has been proposed that even intelligence and artistic expressions like music may have evolved as a way to impress females and be chosen as mates. This offends some people because they don’t want to think that cultural expressions may have its origin in sexual selection. But then again, the idea that females are driving evolution through being choosy was also something that upset people until kind of recently. They had a hard time accepting that women would actually be a driving force in biology.”

Like many animals without distinctive dimorphism, white storks are monogamous--for a while.
Like many animals with out distinctive dimorphism, white storks are monogamous–for a while.

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