Leap Year and Forget-Me-Nots

Forget-Me-Not-2_small.jpgphoto from here

There’s a connection between Leap year and Forget-Me-Nots. It’s said that Forget-Me-Nots should be given to friends who depart on a journey on Feburary 29th.

The pretty perennials which are able to grow in the shady and wet places in a garden are associated with other legends as well. It’s said that they were the flower of Henry IV when he was sent off to exile. They are alleged to be the flowers that remind old folks of their young lost loves. Religious lore says they got their name when God named all the plants and animals and nearly forgot them because they were so small. It’s hard to imagine them being forgotten, as these plants are pervasive. Perhaps their tendency to spread is why they are a symbol of everlasting love.

They are members of the Borage family and used in some medicines including those for eczema, ADHD, and milk production. They can be found in over the counter skin care products. However, they contain Pyrrolizidine alkaloids that can drop a mouse dead in five minutes so don’t try self-medicating. Related plants are bluebells and Hounds tooth (burs). They are the State Flower of Alaska.

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Leap Year and remember those you wish to and forget the rest!

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