Dutch Proverbs: How Dutch are you?

I live in a Dutch town and I’m from a Dutch one too. Dutch people do not like to be told what to do. They didn’t have last names until Napoleon conquered the Netherlands in 1810. He ordered the population to take surnames. Some names chosen were sassy such Hogenboezem (High Bosom). Some had religious connects such as Branderhorst (Burning Bush). Dutch names could be a whole other blog post.

The Dutch are in general people who are tolerant , reject nationalism, and dislike class differences. I’m not 100% Dutch, I’m not even tall, and have never been to the Netherlands but oddly enough, those values beat through my heart as well. Today,  I wanted to share some Dutch proverbs from this book. How many do you agree with?

He that embarked with the devil must sail with him.

He that despises the little is not worthy of the great,

The roadside carpenter has many advisers.

A cat that meows much catches few mice.

Even the best knitter sometimes drops a stitch.

Better to speak sense occasionally than nonsense continuously.

He who takes his wife along never comes home too late.

Love makes a small bed wide.

Blossoms are not fruits.

When God means to punish a nation he deprives its rulers of Wisdom.

and my favorite

We hang little thieves and let the great ones escape.

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