How to plant a tree

Happy Vernal Equinox. It’s time to think about Spring, and planting. I have no room for any more trees in my yard but pass this on to live vicariously.

Trees filter air and water and clean the ecosystem. They provide shade and habitat. It makes sense that we celebrate trees here in the U.S. with Arbor Day, first started in 1872. Spring and fall are the best times to plant trees with spring being a little better here in the North. According to 91-year old John Vermeer of Pella Nursery, timing is critical to planting success.

Trees may be purchased as bare root, container, or burlapped. The National Arbor Day Foundation recommends bare root trees which should be soaked in water for three to six hours before planting. One important thing for all tree planting is to make sure that the hole is wider than the tree roots and that the tree is not planted too deep. Mulch can be placed around the tree but should not touch the trunk. Take the ID tag off of the trunk, too. New trees should be watered weekly for the first year.

In Iowa, Arbor Day is the last Friday in April. But it’s not too early to consider planting.


This illustration is from the U.S. Forest Service

Happy Spring! And happy e-book release day to Mixed In.

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