Products that aren’t coming back

Lone Ranger - Atom Bomb ring
The Atomic Bomb Ring was given away free in Kix Cereal.

One would hope that we no longer celebrate nuclear warfare with a ring for children.


These conical hennin hats were worn after plucking out any forehead hairs to make the forehead look very high. I don’t see this trend returning although the thinning of eyebrows comes and goes. Here is a fascinating read about hennins.

Likewise, powdered wigs were worn by the nobility because some of them were bald and bald was considered bad.

It’s been 200 years. Powdered wigs probably aren’t coming back.

Dangerous public playgrounds will probably not make a comeback but in this climate of deregulation, perhaps…

You can buy this Witch’s Hat at Second Life Marketplace, but if you value your digits, you might not want to.
I loved teeter totters but kids flew off or banged their tailbone if their partners left when they were aloft.
I’m a chemist and it amazes me what people aren’t cautious about but I don’t know if family walks through a fog of DDT will ever be popular again.


Mercurochrome and other weird medical treatments are probably not coming back–especially the ones containing mercury. Leeches on the other hand, still have their champions.

Radium water anyone?

What other products do you think shouldn’t come back?

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