What I learned from the March For Science

I’ve always been torn in so many directions but inevitably find myself drawn back to science. You might ask why. The answer is–scientists themselves. Why do I love them–other than the fact that I don’t need to dress to impress? As this article states, they believe deep down that they are here to serve the people.I love that and I love to write about scientists…because they are kind-hearted and yet misunderstood. The perfect protagonists.

Here’s what the March for Science told me about them:

  1. They get to the point. Six speakers with evidence and data can deliver their messages in a half an hour, even when juggling their kids.
  2.  They don’t panic or run on raw emotion. They ned evidence. (Raw emotion makes me suspicious.)
  3. They ask big questions. They are curious and curious people are happy. Scientists believe in a better future.
  4.  They have solutions. And they want to help. and work towards the common good.  Not that they aren’t without their spats.
  5. Rejection of their logical solutions and misrepresentation of their data frustrates them.
  6. But they have a quirky sense of humor about it.
  7. And they persist.
  8. Lots are women.
  9. They are global thinkers-seeing the big picture first. This means that they are less likely than most to be nationalistic.
  10. They love kids and dogs.
  11.  They appreciate the arts.

It’s time to put an end to that mad scientist stereotype–unless the person is humorously angry about being misunderstood.

One thought on “What I learned from the March For Science

  1. 1smallisland

    Thank you for sending me your writings, I enjoy them and pass them along. The links were fun to read too. Loved the curious people one and the humorous science signs. I think my favorite one was, “It’s not rocket surgery”. LOL



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