What to do with Swiss Chard


If you are in a CSA or, as I am, friends with an organic farmer, you might find yourself in possession of a large amount of Swiss Chard. There’s plenty of it at farmer’s markets, too. This bitter vegetable is packed with Vitamins A, C, and K and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and iron. Vitamin A is associated with skin health. Vitamin C is touted as a preventative for maladies associated with aging and also for cancer. The minerals in Eating Swiss Chard contribute to bone health. Swiss Chard can lower blood pressure. It’s a great addition to your diet. But what can you do if you don’t really like it? My answer for this is: put it in a smoothie. Here’s how I “got rid of” a large sash of Swiss Chard.

Swiss Chard Smoothie

six-ten leaves of swiss chard

one sweet potato–cooked

one banana

2 tablespoons pumpkin pie spice

One half carton of oat milk

2 tablespoons protein powder–I used egg protein.

ice to fill the rest of the blender


This was amazingly good. Now I can’t wait to get more Swiss Chard.

A disclaimer–too much Vitamin K can excessively thin your blood and Vitamin A in huge doses can be toxic. As with anything, moderation is the key. This smoothie should keep you from reaching for your daily vitamin and add phytonutrients to your diet.

More recipes here.


2 thoughts on “What to do with Swiss Chard

  1. 1smallisland

    Cathy….. that sounds awful!!!!! LOL But that’s coming from me who loves nothing more than a huge plate of steamed chard with a little pesto on top, or even just some pepper. Now with the pumpkin and the sweet potato I was thinking maybe you were heading towards a hot cream soup, that was sounding interesting. Actually you inspired me with that thought.

    There’s more to this though I think for us. When we first moved to Hawaii we had smoothies two or three times a day. We had so many bananas and papayas dropping from our trees. When neighbors realized we were eating lots of fruit they gave us bags more of different kinds. Then we started to feel differently about those big cold mixes after about a year, and gaining at least 5 pounds each. Yikes, we didn’t think about all of that fructose. So like you said moderation.

    I bet it’s getting hot in Iowa now right? It’s getting hotter here. Soon we’ll be back to our morning work time and our evening work time with indoor work in between, or a reading siesta.

    Cali and Jason are really enjoying Indonesia. Have I sent you her photo gallery that they’re making? She keeps adding to it, I should wait a bit until she gets home and finishes it. There will be a lot of beautiful things from their underwater dives. She said that with all of the traveling they’ve been doing, and not staying in fancy resort places, that she hasn’t seen any poverty that’s as heartbreaking as the street people in Silicon Valley and around CA. Is Lynn still working with the homeless? I’m curious if the routine is nation wide to does them up with drugs to calm them like they’re doing in Portland. Anti depressants are handed out like candy with no follow up. There’s another book for you Cathy. The drugging of the downtrodden. I can’t shake the sadness from seeing all of that misery for the 5 days that we were there. I wish we could stop making bombs for awhile and build and staff some good facilities around the country for these desperate people. Most of them probably just need a job and affordable rent to get back into life. Good food would be a plus too. Well I’ll be going out for some dirt therapy today. 🙂



    1. This was pretty good and only one banana plus the natural sugar in the oats. But yes, I know what you mean about overdoing the fruit. As I understand it, you need lots of fiber or the blood sugar can get quite bad. Lots of good thoughts today, my friend.


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