What’s in store when you replace your basement floor?

My 100 year old basement isn’t a beautiful living space and probably never will be. It’s more an area for storage and washing the dog. A hundred years ago, a basement was more like a garage and a garage was more like a barn. An old house basement isn’t meant to be a living space. As an old house owner, you might want to ignore your basement. I did this for a long time but in the end decided to replace windows and even the floor.

In the room where I replaced the floor this summer it was uneven, being made from bricks with cement slabs over the top. It wasn’t wet but in very rainy years, it added a lot of humidity to the basement–enough that the termites went down there in their quest for dark and damp. This was the room that had the trail.

Getting your basement floor replaced isn’t glamorous or glitzy.  Here’s what happens during the process:

The first step was getting all of the junk  stored down there out. Out of sight, out of mind in an old basement is just too easy.

But as you can see, it got done.

Unsightly floor and walls. It’s just a basement. Who cares? I did.


It’s not an easy task to remove an old floor. Here is the floor in pieces in a dumpster. It was broken apart with a jackhammer. Men carried it out in buckets. (This was not do it yourself.)

Plastic liner went down once the rubble was removed.

Concrete was pumped into the basement.

I painted the walls before the floor went in. Here is a freshly poured floor with shadows.

Finally, a drain leading to the sump pump was installed along the wall.drain

Putting in the floor occurred with minimal disruption to my routine. Was it expensive? I’d say yes. Yes indeed. Maybe foolishly so.

Doing what basements do best–storing stuff! (But not the old stuff. I got rid of that. This is stuff from the upstairs moved down–perhaps forever.)

I might have made a mistake and had it done and then tested for radon. I have some radon and want to get rid of it. I’ll have do that soon–and will tell you about it in another blog.

Was it worth it to redo the floor? We are having a drought so right now, I’m not feeling the advantage. When the rains come again ,the torrential rains, I’ll be glad to have a clean, dry basement.

One thought on “What’s in store when you replace your basement floor?

  1. Mike VW

    You will never be sorry in investing on that part of your home. It will pay for its self the first good rain storm in just knowing that the foundation of your home (the basement) is dry and no rot happening.

    Liked by 1 person

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