Rone Award Nomination and Small Press Publishing

I’m excited that Mixed In has been nominated for a Rone Award in the category of Science Fiction and Time Travel. The first stage of this award is reader voting followed by judging. I’d love to be judged but to get there, I need some votes. If you are so motivated, please vote for me by following this link.

If you haven’t yet registered, you’ll need to do so. Then you’ll get information and reviews about small and independently published books from Ind’ Tale Magazine. I’ve found publishing with a small press to be satisfying–although not lucrative. If you want the big bucks, get an agent and hold out for a big publishing house. If you want to be happy, small press might be for you.  I enjoy my interactions with small press editors. They are nice, helpful, and keep current with publishing rends. Why don’t I self publish? I can’t go it alone. I need editors and proof readers to help me. Before I even submit a novel for consideration, I hire a beta reader and then a proof-reader/copy editor. In my case, the more comments I get the better.

Mixed In is a milieu novel with an agricultural theme.  It’s a little naughty. If that’s for you, please lend me your vote and sign up for the Ind’Tale newsletter.







7 thoughts on “Rone Award Nomination and Small Press Publishing

  1. hawkelsonrainier

    I am curious about how you choose a reputable copy editor to look over your manuscripts. I have tried multiple times to hire an editor for my Sci Fi manuscript, and they always flake out.
    Also, I’ve had some bad luck with small publishers. One deal fell out from under me because the publisher was essentially broke. Another deal was in the works, but the publishing house simply ceased to exist one day with no explanation.
    I’ll bet this “bad luck” is actually a reflection of my inexperience with the publishing industry. If you have any advice for me, I’d really appreciate it.


    1. My sister is a journalist so I used an editor she liked for Mixed In–Sarah Gold. I’ve also hired Suzanna Sturgis who was the editor on an anthology I was in long ago. I highly recommend her. I’m a terrible editor of my own work so after expenses, I haven’t made a penny. Maybe some day. One small press I found through I recommend the presses I’ve been lucky enough to work with so far–Penner and City Owl.

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    2. Also, it never hurts to read a few small press books to see what they are publishing and how it might fit in with what you are going to pitch to them. That way, too, you can judge their staying power. Another thing that many people participate in are the pitch wars twitter.

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