Recent Caucus Mail

Just for fun, here’s the mail I got from candidates this past week, in no particular order. I think Warren has sent the most and apparently Bernie hasn’t sent a thing. See any you like? They’re coming your way soon, no doubt.

sorry about the crumbs on the table. Life has been distracting.

Here’s Bernie mail from a friend:

4 thoughts on “Recent Caucus Mail

  1. That IS a lot of mail. And the US elections aren’t for another 9-10 months? How does it not drive you crazy?

    However, this is coming from someone who isn’t an American and really doesn’t understand how the whole process works…


  2. Although most polls indicate Biden has the best chance to defeat Trump, I think his message of “We must unite to fix our country” (while good advice for Democrats) is pie in the sky for the country as a whole. Americans are more hopelessly and deeply divided than ever before in my lifetime, and if Biden or any other candidate thinks he or she is going to unite us, they’re dreaming (in my humble opinion).


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