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My first novel, Natural Attraction, is out on audiobook. Click here to see the link. Click here for the audiobook on Amazon’s site

According to Publishing Perspectives, 24% of people in the U.S. listened to an audiobook in the past year. Of these, 48% are under age 35 so this market is expected to remain strong. Roughly equal percent of men and women listen to audiobooks. Most people listen on their phones and believe it or not, the home is the most commonplace to listen followed by in the car and then on an airplane. If you want a fun, crazy book with science, romance, history, tonic, humor, and cute animals, this book is for you!DTwioP1WsAAevYt

The book link for the paperback is hard to find on Amazon, so here it is.

Natural Attraction book (paperback)

Natural Attraction Kindle

Natural Attraction audiobook (Audible)

Audiobook on Amazon

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Singapore, Michigan

IMG_1527 (2)
The tale of Singapore now has its own hoppy beer in Memorium.

One of my inspirations for Natural Attraction was a family history written by my aunt. It included details of emigration from the Netherlands, a great-grandpa stealing a mail order bride, and the lost town of Singapore, Michigan, swallowed by dunes following deforestation. I remember visiting the former site of Singapore with my Uncle Vern via a dune schooner ride. In internet-translated Dutch, Clementine’s hometown of Spookstad (sister city of Singapore)  means “ghost town.” Here’s an old family photo, taken after the town of Singapore was lost.

family photo old

For a fictional version of Singapore and its neighboring town of Spookstad, check out Natural Attraction.