Urine trouble: some fun facts about pee.

  1. 3_urine-color-meaning-chart
    From https://iytmed.com/urine-color-meaning/

    Before chemical tests, doctors used the taste of urine to detect diabetes. Sweet urine meant the person was diabetic.

  2. People incorrectly used  a urine test involving pee and nails in corked jars  determine if someone was a witch. If the cork popped out of the bottle they were guilty of witchcraft.
  3. A genetic enzyme disorder called alkaptonuria makes urine turn black in air.
  4. Blue or green urine can be caused by the substance methylene blue, used to treat methemoglobinemia or bladder spasms and irritation or by Viagra.
  5. Porphyria can change the color of urine to purple or possibly blue. It’s thought that  King George III suffered from this.
  6. Dark urine is a sign of dehydration.
  7. Orange urine may be sign that you have eaten blackberries or rhubarb.
  8. Red urine may be due to beets but it’s usually blood!
  9. Dark purple urine is often seen in kidney failure and with people who have frequent use of catheters.
  10. For a full list of urine colors and their causes, visit http://www.urinecolors.com/ or here.
  11. No matter how big or small, most mammals take 21 seconds to pee.
  12. Can you smell asparagus pee? It’s genetic.
  13. In the past, urine was used to tan animal hides and poor people sold their urine, unless they were too poor to have a pot to piss in.
  14. The element phosphorus was first isolated from urine in 1669.
  15. There’s a musical called Urinetown.
  16. Urine may be either acidic or alkaline depending on your diet. 
  17. Urine is considered a bodily fluid and is not sterile and the bacteria vary from person to person.
  18. Urine, piss, pee–what word came first? According to the on-line etymology dictionary, it’s urine!
  19. Most people do not wake up to urinate at night. It might be worth a trip to the doctor if you do.
  20. Being “pee shy” is a social phobia that affects a little less than 10% of the population.
  21. Urine is over 90% water.

Do you known more fun facts about urine? Please leave comments! And now that you know a lot about urine, enjoy crushing this quiz.

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