Holiday in Detroit #dayintheD

Michigan isn’t known for its warm winters so I wouldn’t claim that a winter vacation in Detroit is a must-do. Still, I had a great time visiting the downtown just before Christmas and found it heart-warmingly cheery.

The Civil War Emancipation statue. Doesn’t it give you chills? In a good way.

Outdoor shops, a tree, and a skating rink.

Some deco lights from Detroit’s heydays. The city has lost half of its population. The result is a lot of wide open urban spaces.
Wide open and beautiful.
Just us and the Spirit of Detroit

Th Cadillac Lounge is set up from Thanksgiving to Feb. 28, offering a warm place to have refreshments and play games.

Free xoDetroit chapstick
Cheers! No deer killed for this holiday.
What’ll it be?
How about a beer?
It’s rude to take photos of Detroiters but this guy and his dog were so Detroit with his Carhartt hat, beard, and husky.
Headquartered in Detroit.
GM looms large.

Here’s Dodge Fountain, off for the winter, and the Michigan Labor statue behind it in Hart Plaza.

A side trip to Belle Island to see the cute aquarium.

Follow the sturgeon.
It looks dead but it uses its tongue to attract prey.

If you’re longing for cute suburbs, the Pointes have charm and good shopping–local stores, some well-chosen chains, and Sanders chocolate.

3 thoughts on “Holiday in Detroit #dayintheD

  1. Kyle Winward

    In 2014 I attended a conference in Detroit at the Renaissance Center (I stayed at the Marriott there too):-). All of the locals I met were so gracious and helpful. You and your family have provided me with many more ideas for my next visit to Detroit. The African American History Museum, and the aquarium look especially fascinating!


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